An affordable, configurable, open source retouching module for professional and hobbyist photographers

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Palitra is the companion to your graphic tablet. It sits by its side, takes very little space, and lets you access all shortcuts you need the most. With Palitra, your retouching sessions will become shorter and less tiring.

Palitra PCB

Main Features

  • 36 configurable shortcuts, organized in four pages of nine shortcuts
  • A small 3 x 3 keypad that can be placed on the side of your graphic tablet
  • Four lit buttons allowing direct access to each page
  • Lefty-friendly
  • Fully programmable via a cross-platform desktop application (Win, Mac, Linux)
  • Requires no drivers to work, usable in any application
  • USB-powered

Use cases

First and foremost, Palitra has been designed to speed up photo retouching. It can, however, be used to speed up a lot of tasks, like graphic design, vector art, and even software debugging (the joy of having a keypad dedicated to step-into, step-over, continue, etc. is infinite).


I am working on a 3D enclosure design for injection molding. In the meantime, with the help of an artisan, I have realized a wood and aluminum enclosure (fully handmade) that is just too cool not to show here.

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