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Feb 27, 2024

Project update 5 of 6

WiSer Now Supports Both 3.3V and 5V TTL Levels

by Jaydeep D

Hello everyone,

We have fantastic news to share with you! WiSer’s production version is receiving a remarkable upgrade: it will now seamlessly work with both 3.3V TTL and 5V TTL level IOs. How are we achieving this? By integrating SN74LV6T17 buffer IC’s QFN package into WiSer-TTL. This enhancement makes the IOs of WiSer-TTL devices tolerant to 5V levels.

Here’s the best part: this enhancement won’t alter the form factor of WiSer-TTL, ensuring the sleek design you love remains intact. Plus, there is no need for any jumper or hardware configuration for target devices with different TTL level IOs.

Testing in Live Environments

We’ve rigorously tested and verified this feature by connecting the selected IC between WiSer-TTL and devices with 5V levels on TTL lines. The results are excellent!

Showcasing Possibilities: A Sneak Peek

For a glimpse into what’s possible, we connected WiSer to an Arduino Uno board with 5V TTL level IOs. The Arduino board sent a message every second, which we received on the PC’s terminal, demonstrating that the functionality remains intact and works without any issue.

Additionally, we tested WiSer with an RP203 thermal printer. Using a Python script on a Windows PC, we printed a "Thank You" message for WiSer’s backers.

Updated Designs on Github Soon

Excitingly, we’re making these modifications available to you! The updated designs will be uploaded to our Github repository once we test the updated prototypes, providing you with even more flexibility and compatibility for your projects.

Share Your WiSer Journey

Thank you for your continued support. We are excited to witness the incredible projects you’ll create with WiSer devices. We’re also eager to hear about the applications or products where you’re going to integrate WiSer devices. Drop us a line via our contact form or the Ask a Question link on the campaign page!

Stay tuned for more updates and, as always, happy tinkering!

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