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A powerful Bosch sensor development board with Wi-Fi and enhanced security in an Arduino MKR form factor

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Martinica is a powerful wireless sensor development board with enhanced security in an Arduino MKR form factor. Martinica incorporates a Bosch Sensortec BME688 environmental sensor with an embedded A.I. core that can be trained to detect and measure temperature, humidity, pressure and VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) gasses. It also boasts the the ATECC608B-TFLXTLSU-PROTO, an enhanced security chip that allows secure, wireless transmission of data. Martinica can be programmed in Arduino IDE or Native IDE to unleash the full potential of the device.

Martinica Introduction

Martinica Senses Everything, From Wildfires to Mold

Martinica can be used to monitor environmental conditions in a variety of spaces. Looking at real time data and historical logs one could detect critical issues such as too high or too low humidity, poor air quality, or the presence of dangerous gasses, and solve or at least mitigate issues before they become real problems. Martinica can do things like detect wildfires, or prevent food spoilage. It could let you optimize conditions for plants and gardens, or optimize power consumption in everyday households.

Some work environments need to monitor specific VOC concentration to guarantee health. Martinica boards can create a network that continuously monitors VOC gasses and creates alert messages when case limits are exceeded. Continuous 24/7 measuring can help catch leaks that cannot be detected with occasional measurements.

Features & Specifications



Open Schematics and Firmware

You can find our setup guide, schematics and firmware in our public GitHub repo. You can also interact with a 3D model of Martinica.

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Vacallo, Switzerland and Milano, Italy  ·

We want to break the edge in new technologies that advance the state of the art of the Internet of Things.

Claudio Pino
Umberto Allievi

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