The First Supercapacitor-Powered Portable Speaker

Apr 04, 2014

Project update 7 of 10

Frustratingly Close!

Helium speakers will be shipping starting next week.

Hey Blueshift fans -

It’s been a long couple of months. I hope none of you have been as anxious about receiving your speakers as I have been about getting them out! The whole thing has been a learning experience for sure - when you aren’t physically doing something yourself, you only have so much control over when it happens. Especially when you are a much smaller business than most of your suppliers.

Things are going great, but continue to move more slowly than I would like. Most of the cabinets are getting paint in Hood River right now, we will be receiving them on Monday. It would have been nice to get them sooner, but the build quality is excellent and the finish looks great - it’s definitely better than the alternative.

We just received 100 custom cable assemblies from Precision Cable in Portland that will link the capacitor banks to the main amplifier / power management boards. It’s not really an exciting part, but I think it says something about the way the Helium speakers and Capacitizer kits are put together. There wasn’t a stock part available that met our requirements for a robust board-to-board power cable with a detachable connector, so we got one made. We could have just hard-wired the boards together, but that would make it marginally harder to swap out parts should you ever want to. This wasn’t cheap, but it’s one more piece of the system that’s built to last pretty much forever.

Similarly, a few hundred Torx-head bolts and T-nuts, are here waiting on the cabinets to arrive. It’s definitely an over-engineered and labor-intensive way to attach the control panels, but it’s the difference between being able to install and remove the panel a few times and being able to do it a few thousand times (in case your really like looking inside your speakers, or something).

Long story short - I’m really excited that these are going out the door soon. Thanks so much for your understanding about the delays and for your support of the project!

Have a great weekend, and thanks again for making this possible!

Sam Beck
Founder, Blueshift

PS I’m listening to Charles Mingus right now - these speakers are REALLY GOOD at acoustic bass, just in case you were wondering.

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