USB Power Injector

A convenient, open source tool that powers USB 2.0 devices from a lab power supply while allowing data transfer for easy testing and analysis

Apr 05, 2023

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Subscriber Update

by Nikola Manolov

Dear Subscribers,
Thank you for subscribing to the USB Power Injector project. Your interest means a lot to me. Unfortunately I have to announce that the crowd funding campaign has been canceled due to low interest and higher than expected cost.

If anyone would like to build the board, it’s open source and can be found on GitHub. It contains the full KiCAD design files, along with PCB fabrication files and BOM. There are two version of the board. A 4 layer version, that meets the USB 2.0 impedance requirements and a 2 layer version that will be a lot cheaper, and works with any reasonable length cables. I hope that whoever builds the USB Power Injector will find it as useful as I have.

All the best,

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