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USB Power Injector

A convenient, open source tool that powers USB 2.0 devices from a lab power supply while allowing data transfer for easy testing and analysis

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USB Power Injector is a convenient tool to power USB 2.0 devices from a lab power supply, while still allowing data transfer from the host to the device.

When developing a USB device its often difficult to know exactly how its being powered by any standard USB port - what the applied voltage or current limits are, for example. USB power injector allows a USB device to be connected to a normal lab PSU (Power Supply), while also allowing for USB data communication to a host. This allows for easy testing of the device at different supply voltages, setting current limits (for safety reasons), easier current draw measurements, and consistency during development.

Why is it Important to Measure USB Devices?

When powering devices from a standard USB 2.0 port, either from a PC or from a standard USB hub, you never have the niceties that an adjustable lab style power supply has. During development that means you can’t set precise voltage and current limits. In the best case scenario, that means you can’t test under/over voltage protections. In the worst case, you run excessive current trough your device and you don’t even know that’s it’s happened!

USB hubs tend to have overcurrent protection, but most don’t send the overcurrent event to the operating system. That can cause confusion and loss of time for a hardware engineer during development or to testing personnel during production.

USB Power Injector lets you power a USB 2.0 device from a lab power supply and conveniently avoids all the problems described above.

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USB Power Injector is certified by the Open Source Hardware Association, with certificate number BG000082. You can find all documentation in GitHub. You can also find detailed descriptions and photos on Hackaday.

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PCBWay Community Blog

"The USB Power Injector can easily supply power to USB2.0 devices through the lab power supply, connect USB devices to normal lab PSU (Power Supply), and at the same time ensure data communication to a host."


"You know you want something like this in your kit!"

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