Crazy Circuits

LEGO™ Compatible Modular Electronics

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Crazy Circuits is for anyone who wants to combine art and electricity. From a kid making paper crafts, to an engineer building LEGO™ spaceships, Crazy Circuits has something for everyone. If you promise not to swallow anything, Crazy Circuits is for you!

We are centering this Crowd Supply campaign around our Crazy Circuits Touch Board. It was a big hit on our Kickstarter earlier this year and we’re excited to get it out into the world. The Touch Board allows you to turn conductive materials (metal objects, specialty paints, even a bowl of water) into a button that interacts with your project.

Crazy Circuits is designed to get your projects off of clunky breadboards and onto things you’ll actually use, such as:

  • LEGO™ bricks and similar building systems
  • Paper Crafts
  • Conductive Sewing
  • Conductive Inks and Paints


  • Mac or PC compatible
  • Arduino based programming
  • Twenty four programmable pins
  • Eleven touch pins
  • Ten PWM pins
  • Ten analog pins

Made in the USA

Producing custom parts designed to fit onto LEGO™ bricks requires a high level of quality and precision. To ensure that Crazy Circuits boards meet these standards, we’re having them made right here in America.

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