The Portland Press

Jan 31, 2014

Project update 12 of 12

Update on the Portland Press

We’ve gotten a number of emails recently with customers reporting broken lids. The first couple we thought were a result of one-off defects in the wood for those particular lids. However, after more reports we took a close look at the lid assembly and realized that the cracks are a result of the pressure between the lid and the jar. This occurs because the gaskets are inset a little too far into the lid, and aren’t doing their job of cushioning and sealing the lid properly. This results in you having to over-tighten the lid to keep a proper seal to prevent leaking, which creates excess outward pressure against the threads.

The gears are already in motion for a fix. The new gaskets are ordered, and we have envelopes being printed to ship them to you. They should be at your door by February 28th.

In the meantime, we hate to say it, but it is best not to use your Portland Press until the new gaskets arrive. Failures usually progress in the shape of a bell curve. They trickle in slowly, but increase over time. It is possible that all the presses could fail over time without the new gasket.

We’re really sorry about the trouble, and hope we can get you back to your morning brew very soon. If you would like the replacement gasket sent to an address other than where we shipped the Portland Press to, email us at with both the old address you used to order the press, as well as the new one. Bucket Team

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