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MicroPython Development Progress and the Instructables PCB Design Contest

by Juan Flores

First Place!

I would like to announce that microByte was one of three first-place winners of a PCB-design contest hosted by Instructables. I tried to make my write-up as educational as possible. In it, I justify the various decisions that went into the electronic design of microByte.

MicroPython Development Update

MicroPython support is very important for this project, so I’m currently hard at work on a custom version of MicroPython 1.14 for microByte. By implementing all of microByte’s hardware drivers in C, this custom version will provide better performance than it would with Python drivers.

Currently under development is a Python selection menu with three options, including:

  • Execute REPL: Connect the USB cable and write your Python scripts on the go! This is a very useful tool for fast code prototyping.
  • MicroPython project selector: See all available .py files on microByte's SD card and execute the project of your choice.
  • File manager web-server: Manage your files using a graphical, web-based menu by connecting to the same Wi-Fi network and navigating to microByte's IP address.

Just imagine prototyping a MicroPython project using the microByte REPL, copying it over to the device using your browser, and then launching it. All without powering off the device!

Finally, I’ve finished implementing the graphical user interface library for this custom version of MicroPython, so it’s already possible to develop graphical applications for microByte

That’s all for this week. Have a nice weekend!

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