Programmable USB Hub

A USB hub with per-port power and data disconnects + dev board + I²C, GPIO, and SPI bridges

Feb 04, 2020

Production Complete

Campaign production is complete! All campaign orders shipped to Crowd Supply last week, while pre-orders are shipping this week. You should be receiving your Programmable USB Hub ahead of schedule! You’ll receive a tracking number by email when your order ships, and you can double-check your shipping address in your Crowd Supply account.

Thank you again for your order, and we look forward to seeing the Programmable USB Hub out in the wild!

Production & Testing

This is how the assembly and testing bench looked mid-production:

Testing & Assembly Bench

Each Programmable USB Hub goes through the following set of tests:

It turned out the code that runs all of these tests is larger than the combination of the Programmable USB Hub Host Driver & Device Firmware.

The programming & test fixture consists of:

Host Side Driver

Also, the Host Side Driver is now available thru PyPi.

This means that driver installation is as simple as:

pip install capablerobot_usbhub

The command-line tool (usbhub) allows you to:

Both the tool & included Python library fully support multiple Hubs attached to your computer via serial-number-based addressing (Hub enumeration order is ignored).

Note that the host-side driver is entirely optional. Your Hub will function as a 4-port USB Hub and as a USB-to-UART converter without any drivers.


Thanks to each and every one of you who has helped us get here! Without your support, the Programmable USB Hub would not have become a reality, and we are so grateful!


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