A hackable electronic saxophone with mechanical keys

Dec 11, 2023

Project update 9 of 10

Haxophones on the Move

by Javier C

Hello everyone! Exciting news for you today…

All Units Shipped

On Thursday, FedEx successfully collected the entire shipment of Haxophones, and as of now, they are en route to Mouser’s warehouse, in Texas. This accomplishment was made possible through the good efforts of individuals from China, Portugal, and the US, as well as the encouragement from all our backers. Thank you everyone!

Opening the Box

Because the units are on the way, we have prepared this video explaining what to do once you receive your Haxophone. You should watch it now, as there are preparation steps that you might want to do in advance, like downloading software images or familiarizing yourself with the Raspberry Pi imager.

Check your Address

This would also be a good time to double check your shipping address is still correct. You can do so by logging into your Crowd Supply account. You can contact Crowd Supply Support if you have address or order-related questions.

Headphone Considerations

The Haxophone was designed to be powerful enough to drive a speaker, a headphone or even connect it to a stage amplifier. This is why it includes the MAX98357A audio pre-amplifier.

The curve below, from the MAX98357A datasheet, can help you select a suitable headphone for the Haxophone.

It provides information on the Haxophone’s output power in relation to the headphone input impedance. For instance, if you utilize low-impedance headphones (e.g., 24 Ω), they should be capable of handling 0.6 W of power. I personally use Sony MDR-ZX310AP headphones, which, as per their specifications, they can handle up to 1 W, ensuring good sound quality and safe operation.

It’s worth noting that some headphones with lower power ratings may result in less crisp audio or even risk damage when played at higher volumes. Please take this into consideration when choosing your headphones!

Reach out

That wraps up today’s update. Please don’t hesitate to reach out via the Ask Questions section on the campaign page. Comments, questions, suggestions or rants are all welcome!

Stay musical,

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