An open and customizable Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station for commercial and residential use

Nov 27, 2019

Project update 2 of 2

UI Improvements & Accelerated Manufacturing

by Alberto Stecca

First off, a huge thank you to everyone who has backed our campaign, encouraged our work, proposed an idea, or asked a question. We very much appreciate the excitement, and we look forward to shipping those Prisms and Cores! This update includes a quick summary of how we (and our manufacturing partners!) have been keeping busy over the past couple of weeks.

Software Development

We’ve been hard at work on the Prism user interface (UI). More specifically, we’ve been adding functionality while holding the line on ease-of-use, which we consider to be one of our UI’s greatest strengths. Below is a quick glimpse of the mobile user experience through which you can look forward to configuring your Prism. (Or whatever you choose to call your Core EV Kit and its custom enclosure. Or the DIY charger you build around your Core Starter Kit.)

Accelerated Manufacturing

Our assembly and testing efforts are well ahead of schedule, and we are excited to announce that all Prism Core Starter Kits, Prism Core EV Kits, and Prism EV charging stations will likely ship by the end of January. So get your order in now, and help us bring powerful, easy-to-use, reliable, affordable, and hackable EV charging to the world – and to your own garage – just two months from now!

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