A fully open and customizable commercial charging station for electric vehicles.

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The definitive open device that you can use to charge electric vehicles.

Prism is the first commercial charging station that gives you full control over all the charging process, with standard protocols and no hassles. Use Prism as a tool to develop new ideas for a sustainable mobility!

  • For Developers: Prism Core is an all-inclusive kit to experiment and test your software solutionts for electric mobility. You can work on the charging management process and develop integration with domotic services. Prism Core is designed to communicate with all devices involved in energy production and consumption, from the PV and storage system to the vehicle.

  • For Final Users: Prism is a complete solution, ready to install and charge your vehicles! It will be available in single phase up to 7.5 Kw, and in 3 phase up to 22 Kw, (in AC). You can choose between Type 1 or Type 2 connector, with a 5 meters long cable. Prism will come with a user friendly control panel, available in cloud and mobile app, giving you access to Prism settings. You get real-time control over the recharging schedule, power, and over the usage information.

Safety First

Prism is designed with safety in mind. An electronic RCD detects current leakages of 30mA AC or 6mA DC. There’s an I2C bus to install multiple temperature sensors to prevent fires.

Prism prototype

What’s Inside?

  • 540MHz, 128MB RAM, 32MB Flash, Embedded Linux System
  • ATM90E36 power meter with Fourier analysis functions to measure voltage, current, THD, DFT, mean power, etc.
  • STM32 MCU for real time processing
  • 20W integrated power supply
  • Addressable RGB LED strip
  • RCM14 leakage current sensor
  • Strong 63A rated industrial contactors

Technical Specifications

  • Input voltage 110/230VAC ± 10% single phase - 400VAC ± 10% 3 phase
  • Nominal frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Class B - EN50470 metering
  • CAT III overvoltage protection
  • RCM 30mA AC / 6mA DC detection
  • WiFi / Ethernet / OCPP communication protocol
  • Responsive LED light


  • Easy to install
  • Cool and modern design
  • Combines all the intelligence in a compact space: 24 cm x 22 cm x 8 cm
  • Weight: ~2 Kg (with enclosure, without cable)
  • Working temperature: from -20° to 55° Celsius
  • IP57/IK08 protection

Management System

Get access to full control over the charging process:

  • Energy and efficiency monitor
  • Flexible setup for maximum customization
  • Time and schedule management
  • Domotic integration ready
  • Supports master/slave communication and integration
  • Supports MQTT and OCPP 1.6

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