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Dec 04, 2013

THANK YOU + Storytelling with Circuit Stickers!

Hi Circuit Stickers backers!

We’ve had a wonderful campaign so far so THANK YOU so much for making this possible!
So much has been going on we’re scrambling to share the good news:

Check out bunnie’s blog if you’re excited to learn technical details behind how Circuit Stickers are designed and manufactured. His first post details how we began exploring flexible circuit board production: introducing chibitronics

Jie has been designing and sharing resources for creating with Circuit Stickers. She is collaborating with the wonderful team at NEXMAP to create resources specifically for educators. Here is the gorgeous booklet NEXMAP has created for hacking our notebooks with circuits:

View more information about the booklet.

Using these notebooks, we held a workshop for 40 English teachers and other educators at the National Writing Project Annual Meeting. Lots of great ideas we discussed and experiences shared as this group engaged in storytelling with circuits - many of whom learned to turn on an LED for the first time!

Click here for a great post from the National Writing Project about our workshop.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Circuit Stickers can be used for storytelling with STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) in the classroom, join our live webinar with NEXMAP and NWP tomorrow Dec 5th at 4pm PST/7pm EST: Hack your notebook and illuminate your thinking

Thanks again for your support!

–Circuit Stickers Team

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Dec 31 2013

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Product Choices


STEM Starter Kit

Everything you need to get started with circuit stickers: 6 white LED stickers, 2 each of red, yellow, and blue LED stickers, 1 roll of copper tape (5 meters), 2 CR2032 coin cell batteries, 2 small binder clips, 1 copy of the "Circuit Sticker Sketchbook"


RYB LED Mega Pack

A set of 10 each red, yellow, and blue LED stickers.



White LED Mega Pack

A set of 30 white LED stickers.

White LEDs


Tropical LED Mega Pack - Limited Edition

A set of 10 each of green, orange, and purple LED stickers (30 total).


Effects add-on

Four effects stickers so you can add blink, fade, twinkle and heartbeat effects to your projects!


Circuit Sticker Sketchbook - English

A copy of the Circuit Sticker Sketchbook in English, perfect for teachers who want to share the Starter Kit with more than one student.


Z-tape add-on

One strip of Z-tape, 2” wide x 5” long.


Copper Tape add-on

One roll of copper tape 5mm (0.2 inch) wide x 5m (16.4 foot) long.


Classroom Pack

The Classroom Pack is a class pack for a class size of 30. With 90 circuit stickers (all white, or RYB) and 90 feet of copper tape, educators can conduct several projects per student.

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