Circuit Stickers

by Chibitronics

Circuit Stickers are peel-and-stick electronics for crafting circuits. Use them to add electronics to any sticker-friendly surface: paper, fabric, plastic, the sky's the limit!

Nov 06, 2017

A Bright Idea for Christmas

Not everyone enjoys learning from dry facts alone, so we wrote a fantasy book where readers can learn about Circuit Stickers as they journey alongside the book's protagonist. Read the full update.

Sep 28, 2017

Circuit Stickers, in a Different Light

Four years ago, you supported Circuit Stickers and helped Chibitronics make them a reality. These same stickers are now part of "STEAM Stories: When Thea LED the Way," an electronics craftbook intended for children who might not normally find engineering interesting. Read the full update.

Jul 01, 2014

Upcoming Events

Hey there backers! Second batch of stickers shipped Our second batch of circuit stickers has shipped and are now headed to your doorstep. We also have enough now so new orders will be processed and shipped immediately— no more waiting! Upcoming events Fab10 Conference July 2-7 in Barcelona, Spain Join the Bangalore Maker Space, Fabkids and Agic for paper electronics workshops featuring circu... Read the full update.

Jun 17, 2014

We want to hear from you!

Dear backers, We’ve been busy the last few weeks! Here’s what we’ve been up to: Orders shipped By now most of you who ordered should have received your orders or an update on when your order will be arriving. If you haven’t received your stickers or have not received an email from Crowd Supply, please write to us and let us know. We want to make sure everyone who supported this project get th... Read the full update.

May 06, 2014

First units have shipped!

Hello, backers! We’re excited to announce that we’ve started shipping our starter kits out today! If you ordered only a starter kit, it should be en route to you by the end of the week and you will receive an e-mail notification with a tracking number once your package has shipped. If you ordered anything other than a starter kit, the wait will be slightly longer, as the advanced stickers and ... Read the full update.

Apr 24, 2014

On the Way!

Dear Backers, Today is a big day for us! The first shipment of inventory has departed from our factory to the fulfillment center at Crowd Supply. This is what over a thousand starter kits looks like, packed and ready to go: Parts for the deluxe kits will depart the same facility in about a week, so were hoping most US customers will receive kits by mid-May, and international customers before t... Read the full update.

Mar 18, 2014

Update 6

Dear backers! Its time for another update from the chibitronics crew. Were rapidly approaching our promised ship date, and were happy to report that we are exactly on target with our plan to-date. This week, we received our first complete samples of the Starter Kit. Its looking good, so were going to commence with mass production. This is also the first sneak peek of the final Circuit Sticker ... Read the full update.

Jan 31, 2014

Circuit Stickers Update

Dear backers: 新年快乐! Happy Chinese New Year! This January, bunnie spent most of the month in Shenzhen, ironing out supply chain issues and finalizing mass production orders and processes with our manufacturing partner, AQS. We also took delivery of over 30,000 die-cut RYB stickers as part of a dry-run to test out the entire mass production flow front-to-back. Initial yield is at 98.5%, which is ... Read the full update.

Jan 02, 2014

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Dear Backers, Thanks for an amazing campaign! We are delighted and thrilled you chose to back us and we are now working hard to make sure we can deliver your Circuit Stickers on time. Now that the campaign is concluded and we have a solid initial build quantity, were dotting the is and crossing the ts on purchase orders for the raw material to build your goods. bunnie is headed to Shenzhen and ... Read the full update.

Dec 16, 2013

Learning with Circuit Stickers

Hello Backers! In case you missed it, here is an archive of our Educator Innovator webinar: Hacking Your Notebook and Illuminate Your Thinking. Jennifer Dick, our collaborator and program coordinator at NEXMAP, wrote a great follow-up post on the value of adding arts to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education (going from STEM to STEAM). Lou Buran, a participant in our Hacki... Read the full update.

Dec 06, 2013

Example Projects + Tutorials

Hello Backers! I tried out Circuit Stickers with Circuit Scribe conductive pens and the results are pretty neat! <iframe src="//" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen> Here are tutorials for the projects in this video: Hello World Card Tutorial Sailboat Card Tutorial Stay tuned for more ex... Read the full update.

Dec 04, 2013

THANK YOU + Storytelling with Circuit Stickers!

Hi Circuit Stickers backers! Weve had a wonderful campaign so far so THANK YOU so much for making this possible! So much has been going on were scrambling to share the good news: Check out bunnies blog if youre excited to learn technical details behind how Circuit Stickers are designed and manufactured. His first post details how we began exploring flexible circuit board production: introducing... Read the full update.

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Product Choices


Love to Code - Chibi Chip Starter Kit

The Love to Code Creative Coding Kit is a fun, friendly and new way to engage with coding. Includes the 150-page book printed in full color, a Chibi Chip pre-mounted in a Chibi Clip, a programming cable, 2 rolls of copper tape, 36 white LED stickers, 64 conductive fabric patches, a stencil for sketching component outlines, and a Chibi Book powered ring binder (batteries not included – requires 3 AA batteries).


STEM Starter Kit

Everything you need to get started with circuit stickers: 6 white LED stickers, 2 each of red, yellow, and blue LED stickers, 1 roll of copper tape (5 meters), 2 CR2032 coin cell batteries, 2 small binder clips, 1 copy of the "Circuit Sticker Sketchbook"


Effects add-on

Four effects stickers so you can add blink, fade, twinkle and heartbeat effects to your projects!


Conductive Fabric Tape Swatches

Get 64 swatches of conductive fabric tape, pre-cut to 0.2"x0.6" (5mmx15mm) patches for your projects. It's a tiny bridge of durable conductive fabric with a highly conductive adhesive on one side. Use it to patch gaps in copper tape, make T-junctions, build live hinges, or connect to our Love to Code products in a semi-permanent fashion.


Chibi Clip Accessory

An essential companion to the Chibi Chip, the Clip enables rapid testing and re-use of the Chip. With the Clip, attaching (and detaching) your Chip to circuits built on paper is as easy as using a clothespin.


Tropical LED Mega Pack - Limited Edition

A set of 10 each of green, orange, and purple LED stickers (30 total).


White LED Mega Pack

A set of 30 white LED stickers.

White LEDs


RYB LED Mega Pack

A set of 10 each red, yellow, and blue LED stickers.



Classroom Pack

The Classroom Pack is a class pack for a class size of 30. With 90 circuit stickers (all white, or RYB) and 90 feet of copper tape, educators can conduct several projects per student.


Copper Tape add-on

One roll of copper tape 5mm (0.2 inch) wide x 5m (16.4 foot) long.


Z-tape add-on

One strip of Z-tape, 2” wide x 5” long.


Circuit Sticker Sketchbook - English

A copy of the Circuit Sticker Sketchbook in English, perfect for teachers who want to share the Starter Kit with more than one student.



Chibitronics is a research collaboration between Jie Qi from the MIT Media Lab and bunnie from Studio Kosagi.


Engineer & Operations

Jie Qi

Designer & Researcher

AQS Inc.

Contract Manufacturer

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