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Circuit Stickers are peel-and-stick electronics for crafting circuits. Use them to add electronics to any sticker-friendly surface: paper, fabric, plastic, the sky's the limit!

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Mar 18, 2014

Project update 6 of 12

Update 6

Dear backers!

It’s time for another update from the chibitronics crew. We’re rapidly approaching our promised ship date, and we’re happy to report that we are exactly on target with our plan to-date.

This week, we received our first complete samples of the Starter Kit. It’s looking good, so we’re going to commence with mass production.

This is also the first sneak peek of the final Circuit Sticker Sketchbook. During the campaign, we had only digitally printed and hand-bound copies to show. However, the final version of the book is full-custom book, with a solid 92 pages of fun and educational material, and features a spiral-binding for lay-flat ease of crafting.

The book also has a convenient pouch in the back cover, which is used to hold your extra Z-tape and black conductive plastic swatches.

You can download a full electronic copy of the book for free at this link Feel free to share the book with your friends, and remind them that they can still pre-order circuit stickers at the Crowd Supply website!

More advanced stickers, such as the effects and the sensors, are also coming along. All the material is staged at the factory, and we’re working hard on developing test fixtures to make the automated production of the stickers more efficient.

Finally, we’d like to share with you a sneak-peek of the touch sensor functionality we’re developing for the microcontroller sticker.

A program very similar to this will be pre-programmed into your microcontroller sticker, so it’s usable out of the box. Advanced users who want to write their own programs can do so using Arduino software, the attiny library, and a separate programmer such as the AVRISP-MKII (not included as part of the sensor kit).

We’re looking forward to getting mass production spun-up on your microcontroller and effects stickers soon.

Thanks again for your continued support!

Team chibitronics

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