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Oct 24, 2018

Project update 8 of 8

Campaign End

When you read this message, it means that the Retro-uC campaign has come to an end without reaching the funding goal. Of course I regret that the goal was not reached but I did learn a lot by doing this campaign. For example, a lot of people are interested in using such a chip for making (retro-)computers and not necessary for Arduino type maker projects. The Retro-uC was not well targeted for this use case.

I did consider extending the current project but I decided to end this campaign and extending and reworking the project before going for a new campaign.

The end of this campaign does not mean the end for the Retro-uC or for the Chips4Makers project. On the contrary, based on the interest seen on-line in open source custom chips I am encouraged to continue working on the projects. I’m more convinced now than before the campaign that there is room for low-cost, low-volume custom chips. Only the quest for how to get there needs to continue. You can continue following what I am doing on the Retro-uC hackaday project page and the Chips4Makers blog.

I am sure some of my followers have their own ideas for moving the open source silicon movement forward or on how to make the Retro-uC successful. Please contact me with your ideas on any comments on these matters. Building a community means cooperation and learning from each other.

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