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Campaign End

When you read this message, it means that the Retro-uC campaign has come to an end without reaching the funding goal. Of course I regret that the goal was not reached but I did learn a lot by doing this campaign. For example, a lot of people are interested in using such a chip for making (retro-)computers and not necessary for Arduino type maker projects. The Retro-uC was not well targeted for this use case.

I did consider extending the current project but I decided to end this campaign and extending and reworking the project before going for a new campaign.

The end of this campaign does not mean the end for the Retro-uC or for the Chips4Makers project. On the contrary, based on the interest seen on-line in open source custom chips I am encouraged to continue working on the projects. I’m more convinced now than before the campaign that there is room for low-cost, low-volume custom chips. Only the quest for how to get there needs to continue. You can continue following what I am doing on the Retro-uC hackaday project page and the Chips4Makers blog.

I am sure some of my followers have their own ideas for moving the open source silicon movement forward or on how to make the Retro-uC successful. Please contact me with your ideas on any comments on these matters. Building a community means cooperation and learning from each other.

$4,034 raised

of $22,000 goal

18% Funded Time Expired
Oct 21 2018

Product Choices


Support Chips4Makers!

Thanks for supporting to get the open silicon movement started. You will be remembered until eternity!


Retro-uC Chip

The Retro-uC chip in a QFP package.



The Retro-uC on a board with Arduino Mega footprint and compatible I/O. USB is used to power the board and for programming it.


Retro-uC Breadboard

A Retro-uC mounted on a PCB that is breadboardable. The board is delivered with headers that make the board compatible with classic DIL chips. The headers are not mounted yet and need to be soldered manually.


Retro-uC ProtoPlus

The Retro-uC mounted on a Perf2+ style prototype board.


Retro-uC Fired Up Pack

A pack for the Retro-uC and open silicon believer to show their support. The pack contains the Retro-uC chip and one of each Retro-uC board. It will also give early access to the Chips4Makers developer board that will be set up after the Retro-uC chip has been taped out.


Retro-uC Chip Developer Pack

The Fired Up Pack with an additional Digilent FPGA board pre-loaded with Retro-uC source code and delivered early so you can start developing your own IC. The FPGA will be shipped the same time when the development hub will be opened, the Retro-uC Fired Up Pack will be shipped later.


Retro-uC Chip 5 Pack

5 Retro-uC chips.



Chips want to be free.

Staf Verhaegen

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