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Energy Meter PCBs are Complete

Hello everyone!

The energy meter PCB assembly is complete, and orders will begin shipping by the end of this week! We apologize again for the delay in getting the energy meters to you! Thank you for being so patient up to this point! If anyone needs to update their address, please do so immediately by visiting your order details under your account page.

Before the meters ship to you we still have to double check that everything is working properly, and for the kits, install them into their boxes with the pre-programmed ESP32 development board.

For those that ordered the energy meter kit or solar package, they will come with EmonESP loaded on the ESP32 with the default calibrations for the AC Transformer that US customers will receive and the current transformers included. If you are outside of the US, you will need to supply your own AC Transformer (that brings 240 V down to between 9-12 V) that will need to be calibrated to the energy meter. You can view that procedure on the energy meter Github page.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to use EmonESP, and that alternatives are now available. You can view those alternatives here.

Thanks again for your patience and support in making this product a reality!

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Product Choices


Energy Meter Board

Perfect for building your own energy monitoring system. Hook up our energy meter to your MCU, current & AC transformers, load the software, and start monitoring!


Energy Meter Kit

Comes with Energy Meter, 2x 16 mm round YHDC SCT-016 120 A CT Sensors, Pre-programmed ESP32 Dev Module, 100x60x25 mm ABS plastic box, PCB ESP32 box adapter, and mounting screws. Everything you need to connect the energy monitor to your house and start monitoring your energy usage in no time. European customers must provide their own 9 V AC Transformers.


Solar Monitoring + Energy Meter

If you want to monitor your solar power generation and energy usage at the same time, this is the package for you! Comes with 2x Energy Meters, 4x 16 mm round YHDC SCT-016 120 A CT Sensors, PCB ESP32 adapter, Pre-programmed ESP32 Dev Module. European customers must provide their own 9 V AC Transformers.



CircuitSetup's goal is to make affordable and useful electronic components available to makers, and DIY electronics enthusiasts. Our products are carefully crafted, tested, and re-tested to make sure they meet the demands of their users.

John Deglavina

Founder & Product Designer

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