Split Single Phase Energy Meter

Affordable remote energy monitoring for your entire home

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The Split Single Phase Energy Meter can monitor the energy usage in your entire home in real time. It can easily be hooked up to an ESP8266 or ESP32 to wirelessly transmit energy usage data into a program like EmonCMS. It can also be used to monitor solar power generation to keep track of how much power you are making.

With the Split Single Phase Energy Meter you can:

  • Save Money!
    • See exactly how much money is being spent on energy in real time
    • Find appliances that are using too much electricity
  • View & Gather Energy Data
    • View the energy usage of your entire home
    • Or track solar power generation
    • Review and graph historical energy data
    • View usage data in the EmonCMS Android or iOS apps
  • Be Informed!
    • Independent of your power company’s meter
    • Set up alerts for over or under usage
  • Not spend a ton on energy monitoring!
    • Built to be inexpensive but very accurate
    • Costs hundreds less than some other solutions


  • Samples two current channels & one voltage channel (expandable to two voltage)
  • Calculates:
    • Active Power
    • Reactive Power
    • Apparent Power
    • Power Factor
    • Frequency
    • Temperature
  • Uses standard current transformer clamps to sample current
  • Includes built-in buck converter to power ESP8266, or ESP32
  • Two IRQ interrupts, and 1 Warning output
  • Energy pulse output (pulses correspond to 4 LEDs)
  • Zero crossing output
  • SPI Interface
  • Measurement Error: 0.1%
  • Dynamic Range: 6000:1
  • Gain Selection: Up to 4x
  • Voltage Reference Drift Typical (ppm/°C): 6
  • ADC Resolution (bits): 16
  • Compact size at only 40 mm x 50 mm

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