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Feb 22, 2023

Project update 22 of 24

Fabrication and Assembly Progress

by Gino Magarotto

Hello again everybody,

Apologies for moving the update schedule again, but I had some technical issues with my 3D printer that delayed me further. This time I wanted to inform you that I finished fabricating the Y-axis belt clips (including an extra replacement part) that will allow the timing belts to be fastened to their corresponding mounting points. I also measured and cut the corresponding GT2 belts to size.

I started preparing individual motion hardware bags that will include the belts and pulleys, the pre-assembled mounting brackets, and the pneumatic connectors.

Furthermore, I’m also putting together little fastener and linear carriage bundles that’ll be included with each machine.

My next step will be start manufacturing some small plastic hollow shaft to M6 adapters to couple the nozzle rotation motors to the 4 mm push-in hose fittings, ad measure and cut the appropriate lengths of PU tubing for each machine.

Immediately after that, I’ll organize and package the nozzle kits, and order the remaining components to start assembling the motion control PCBs.

I’ll try to keep everyone updated in a monthly schedule from now on, so please stand by.

Many thanks,

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