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Sep 21, 2020

Project update 15 of 24

We've Completed the Fabrication of Custom Parts but Are Currently Experiencing Delays

by Gino Magarotto

To our backers,

I hope everyone is doing well. It’s been a pair of months without word from me, so please accept my apologies. For various reasons, including some health related issues, I’ve been unable to dedicate the proper amount of time to the project over the past few weeks. I managed to finish fabricating the custom parts, so only the mechanical assembly is pending, along with PCB assembly and some more machining of strip-feeder trays. After that, your machines will be ready to go.

I am undergoing surgery this week, but I should already be in recovery by the time you read this. So, while I will not be resuming work quite yet, I will let you know when everything is back on track.

Thanks for your understanding.

On behalf of the creator,
Gino Magarotto

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