motionPro 6600 motion controller

by Class B Project

A software agnostic four-axis motion controller with independently configurable integrated motor drivers

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Pledges Shipped and Documentation Available

All pledges have been shipped! Tracking numbers have been notified to the backers via email. The documentation is available here. As always, for any support please write to me at or leave me a message through my website

Happy tinkering! :)

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motionPro 6600 Controller

Includes the motionPro 6600 Controller and a custom-made jogger. All pledge levels include compatible connector housings and pins.


Class B Project

I'm a software services marketer while my wife is a test data manager. I've been tinkering with electronics with my dad since I was 5 years old. That led to me being an electronics engineer. However my career path took a detour with electronics becoming a serious hobby and now a passion.

Hrishikesh Bidwe


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