Colorado Printing Project

The Colorado Printing Project is an open-source skunkworks and microfactory based in Littleton, CO. The project is run by 3D printing enthusiast Brent Mackenzie (Bam) and is designed to bring small batches of innovative products to market in a way that respects the freedom of the user.

Prior to starting the Colorado Printing Project, Brent spent four and a half years in Loveland, CO as an engineer at Aleph Objects, Inc. There he had the good fortune to work on several great products, like the flexystruder(v1+2), dual extruder(v1+2), flexydually(v1+2), MOARstruder and the LulzBot TAZ 5+6 and LulzBot mini. In June of 2017, Brent moved to Littleton, CO with his wife and started the Colorado Printing Project and twoolhead project in his basement using primarily open source tools.

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