A 3D Printer Enclosure System

Jan 30, 2019

General News and Update

Hey all!

Thanks for the patience these last few months, things have been incredibly busy here at the Colorado Printing Project! Here’s a brief recap of what we’ve been up to:

This last point brings me to the second half of this update; What’s next.

A year and a half ago I started the Colorado Printing Project with the goal of designing and delivering small batches of open source products created with open source tools. While things didn’t go exactly as I had planned, I am super proud to have delivered several small batches of products that are both faithfully open source and incredibly badass (IMHO).

While I haven’t lost money on these projects, the markets have been small and from the very beginning I have been supporting this work through contract design and manufacturing services. Turns out, I actually really love this work. I’ve been fortunate to develop a great network of clients, and it’s been awesome to work on a diverse group of projects and help introduce a whole range of professionals to open source tools that they may have never considered using.

With some huge, awesome and open source projects on the horizon, I have decided to focus on providing open source design services for a while and will be archiving both the Twoolhead and Microcluster projects. Source is and will continue to be available for both projects through notabug.org for anyone who is interested!

Again a huge thanks to everyone who’s followed along and supported our projects, and especially the folks at Crowd Supply and Aleph Objects. Happy Printing!

-Brent (BAM)

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