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General News and Update

Hey all!

Thanks for the patience these last few months, things have been incredibly busy here at the Colorado Printing Project! Here’s a brief recap of what we’ve been up to:

  • Built the first set of microcluster kits in the basement of my Littleton, Colorado home. See images of the production here!
  • Delivered the first microcluster kits the first weekend of December (thank you so much backers!)
  • Applied for and received OSHWA certification for the microcluster project! US000152 baby!!!
  • Patrick returned to school and rocked yet another semester, as he tends to do with everything.
  • Baby inbound! Much joy and panic. My wife and I are expecting a baby girl in the spring (our first), which is going to change a lot of things for us
  • Contract work. LOTS of contract work.

This last point brings me to the second half of this update; What’s next.

A year and a half ago I started the Colorado Printing Project with the goal of designing and delivering small batches of open source products created with open source tools. While things didn’t go exactly as I had planned, I am super proud to have delivered several small batches of products that are both faithfully open source and incredibly badass (IMHO).

While I haven’t lost money on these projects, the markets have been small and from the very beginning I have been supporting this work through contract design and manufacturing services. Turns out, I actually really love this work. I’ve been fortunate to develop a great network of clients, and it’s been awesome to work on a diverse group of projects and help introduce a whole range of professionals to open source tools that they may have never considered using.

With some huge, awesome and open source projects on the horizon, I have decided to focus on providing open source design services for a while and will be archiving both the Twoolhead and Microcluster projects. Source is and will continue to be available for both projects through for anyone who is interested!

Again a huge thanks to everyone who’s followed along and supported our projects, and especially the folks at Crowd Supply and Aleph Objects. Happy Printing!

-Brent (BAM)

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Product Choices


Microcluster Full Stack Kit

This panel kit makes it easy to enclose half of a standard steel shelf, providing a lovely home for 3-6 printers depending on their size. Magnets embedded in the lightweight plastic panels make assembly a snap and the clear PETG doors allow clear viewing of the print while keeping the printing environment perfectly stable. Includes smoke alarm to mount in the Microcluster for peace of mind regardless of what type of printer you're running. Does not include printed parts or shelf.


Printed Part Kit - Edsal HD version

This Printed Part kit contains the parts to mount the sliding doors of the Half Stack panel kit. This Kit saves you the time and effort of printing the door sliders for the Microcluster kit, which can be over 100+ print hours depending on the machine you use! These will be printed in house with the COPrintPro developed Ludicroustruder with 1.2mm nozzles for maximum strength and durability. For the Full Stack version of the Microcluster, 2 Printed Part Kits are needed. This version has only been confirmed to fit the Edsal(R) and Muscle Rack(R) Heavy Duty Storage Units. For all other shelves, easily modifiable design files will be available for you to print your own parts.

Microcluster printed parts.


Octoprint kit

Easy to install and set up, the Octopanel allows you to set up wireless control of your printers in minutes and is designed to work with any desktop printer. The included logitech webcam allows constant monitoring of printing as well as the ability to take time-lapses of individual prints. The Octoprint system allows authorized users to access the printers, upload print jobs and monitor them remotely from any web connected device. A portion of every Octopanel purchase will go towards funding Octoprint, the open source project making this technology affordable and accessible.


Photo Booth kit

Easy to set up, the Photo Booth kit allows you to set up a professional quality photo booth as part of your Microcluster setup. Included are (2) 50W photo lights with height adjustable stands and reflectors for bright and even lighting, as well as diffuser filters to soften harsh shadows. Also includes a 48" x 100 foot roll of thick white kraft paper and hanging hardware so you can take photos with a clean, even background.


Light Kit

Easily installs in 5 minutes, kit contains all parts required to quickly and securely hang light. Bright 3000 lumen LED light bar guarantees better visibility of prints, low energy consumption and long lifetime. One kit needed per shelf you want lit up. This upgrade allows for clear webcam monitoring even in a dark room!


Maker Bundle

This is a complete turnkey version of my personal favorite Microcluster configuration. This bundle includes 1 Edsal HD shelf, 1 Half Stack panel kit, 1 printed part set, 1 Photo Booth and 1 Light kit add-on. It's the perfect size for 1 TAZ, 2 LulzBot(R) minis or up to 4 smaller printers, and ships to you on a pallet to get you up and running in no time. The Colorado Printing Project is an official reseller of industry leading LulzBot(R) printers, save money by bundling with brand new machines covered by one of the best warranties and technical support teams in the industry. Bundles only available to backers within the continental US (sorry!).


Production Bundle

All the bells, all the whistles. This a complete turnkey version of the epic parallel printing Microcluster configuraton that we use in house for ultra fast batch printing. This bundle contains 1 Full Stack kit, 1 Edsal(R) Heavy Duty shelf, 3 Light Kits, 3 Octoprint kits and 2 printed part kits. Designed to be bundled with 3 TAZ 6 Printers with Twoolheads or 6 Minis, this bundle is a turnkey solution for any business looking to bring production in house. Outfitted with the highest output Twoolheads, this Microcluster configuration has an output of up to 13kg (30lb) of custom plastic parts PER DAY. The Colorado Printing Project is an official reseller of industry leading LulzBot(R) printers, so you can save money by bundling with brand new machines covered by one of the best warranties and technical support teams in the industry. Bundle only available to backers within the continental US (sorry!).


Colorado Printing Project

The Colorado Printing Project is an open source skunkworks and microfactory based in the Denver metro area of Colorado, USA.

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