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Nov 11, 2017

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Production Printing Time!

Hey all!

With the first Twoolhead orders coming in we’ve started production of the first batch of custom plastic parts! Within a (8hr) day and a half of starting the production run we’ve got enough plastic parts made to build up 2 full Twoolheads plus some spares, and this is with only running one TAZ6 with Twoolhead installed :)

The coolest part of this update isn’t the printing we’ve been doing, it’s what we haven’t been doing; investing in production tooling. The Twoolhead is made up of fasteners and electrical bits that I can buy in bulk, and they’re all held together with custom plastic bits (11 of them to be specific). Using traditional manufacturing producing these parts would be a months long process and would have an upfront cost of several thousand dollars per simple part AT MINIMUM.

That’s \$20,000-\$50,000 in investment that isn’t needed to bring this product to life. That’s awesome.

With the Twoolhead I can produce as many unique parts as needed at a surprisingly low per part cost, all with no upfront investment in tooling. This is really the strength of production 3D printing; reducing the up front costs of production to enable creators to bring something to life that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

Thanks again for the support, it’s going to be an exciting year :)


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