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Jun 18, 2024

Project update 4 of 7

Fetching and Visualizing Device Vitals

by Rajeev Piyare

This week, we’ll explore how to use the Conexio Stratus Pro to:

Developing IoT applications involves integrating various technologies, such as IoT endpoints, back-end systems, data sources, and platforms. This complexity requires specialized skills, which can slow down the production process due to IT bottlenecks and project backlogs.

However, low-code and no-code platforms are transforming IoT development by simplifying the process and enabling faster results.

What are Low-code or No-code Development Platforms?

Low-code/no-code platforms are development tools that allow non-software engineers to create software applications through a graphical user interface, typically involving drag-and-drop functionality.

One such platform is Datacake, a versatile low-code IoT platform requiring no programming skills. Datacake enables users to connect physical devices over the MQTT protocol and record measurements. The platform offers free connectivity for the first two devices, providing full access to its features and unlimited workspaces. This is ideal for IoT enthusiasts looking to develop and test applications without incurring cloud service costs.

So how to get started?

We have written a tutorial that covers how to create your first device on Datacake and connect the Conexio Stratus Pro running ZephyrRTOS to the Datacake platform via MQTT broker. MQTT is a lightweight publish/subscribe messaging protocol designed for low-bandwidth IoT devices.

Furthermore, the sample application used for this tutorial also demonstrates how to fetch the important Conexio Stratus Pro device vitals such as the battery voltage, current consumption, state-of-charge (SoC), LTE signal strength, firmware version, device IMEI, environmental data, and much more.

You will find the full walk-through tutorial in detail here.

Updated Sample Application Code

We have now added the latest application code for this tutorial in the conexio-firmware-sdk repo on GitHub. Make sure to check it out!

For questions and discussion, contact us via the technical page. We are more than happy to help and guide you.

Thank you!


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Key Components

NRF9161-LACA-R7 · microcontroller
manages cellular, GPS, and other RTOS-related operations

nPM1300-QEAA-R7 · PMIC
overall board power management

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