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Conexio Stratus Pro

A battery-powered cellular IoT prototyping platform with global connectivity

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Conexio Stratus Pro is a tiny-yet-powerful development kit for creating cellular-connected electronic projects and products. Powered by the cutting-edge nRF9161 cellular modem from Nordic Semiconductor, Stratus Pro offers unparalleled versatility, reliability, and ease of use, making it the go-to solution for IoT developers worldwide. It is a battery-operated platform, making it ideal for prototyping cellular IoT systems, such as asset tracking, environmental monitoring, smart metering, and even industrial automation.

With LTE-M, NB-IoT, and GPS connectivity packed into a compact form factor, Stratus Pro ensures your devices stay connected in any environment. It enables real-time data transmission and location tracking with minimal power consumption. Future-proof your IoT projects with DECT NR+ readiness, ensuring compatibility with emerging cellular standards for enhanced performance and longevity.

Flexible Power

Thanks to the nPM1300 PMIC and fuel gauge, you can remotely monitor your Stratus Pro’s battery vitals and charging status. Stratus Pro also has built-in charging circuitry that makes it easier to connect to and recharge the Li-Po battery, creating fully energy-autonomous applications.

Compact Feather Form Factor

Designed to be adaptable, Status Pro also embraces modularity. Its QWIIC connector and feather-compatible 28 header pins are ready to integrate with compatible modules, allowing you to extend its functionality with additional hardware like cameras, thermometers, or ultrasonic distance sensors.

In addition, the Conexio Stratus Pro is equipped with a USB Type-C port, enhancing its connectivity options. This port allows for easy connection with a wide range of devices and accessories, making charging, debugging, and programming a breeze.

Prepaid Global Data Included

Each Stratus Pro comes pre-loaded with 500 MB of mobile data and 250 SMS messages, valid for 10 years, no strings attached.

Whether you’re deploying IoT solutions locally or internationally, Stratus Pro has you covered. With service availability in over 100 countries, you can confidently connect your devices anywhere, anytime. And if you want to migrate Stratus Pro to your local network of choice, the switch is easy with eSIM and software SIM support.

Visual Studio Code Plugin Support

To make the application and project development with Conexio Stratus Pro fun and fast for low-level application designers and novices alike, we made Stratus compatible with nRF Connect for Visual Studio Code. Using the nRF Connect plugin, you can build, compile, and deploy code to the Stratus Pro with minimal effort. Create projects with nRF Connect SDK and Zephyr RTOS with built-in templates created by the Conexio team.

Features & Specifications

MCU: Nordic nRF9161 SiP

External Storage: 16 KBit I2C EEPROM memory (24CW160T)


Included Data

Power Management IC: Nordic nPM1300

Charging IC: Texas Instruments BQ25185


Onboard sensors


Size: 66.04 mm x 25.40 mm

Open Source

We have made the Stratus Pro sample applications fully open-source to empower users to customize and enhance their devices while fostering a collaborative community. Device schematics will be made available when we are ready to begin shipping boards to our backers.

The Stratus Pro Getting Started documentation is now available at Conexio Learning Hub, and we welcome questions and discussion on our discussions forum on Github.

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Conexio Stratus Pro is part of Nordic Community Hub

Key Components

NRF9161-LACA-R7 · microcontroller
manages cellular, GPS, and other RTOS-related operations

nPM1300-QEAA-R7 · PMIC
overall board power management

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"Nordic nRF9161 SiP in a Feather form factor with data included."

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" Internet of Things (IoT) developers are constantly seeking tools that enable them to create innovative solutions quickly and efficiently. Cellular IoT prototyping platforms have emerged as a catalyst in this domain..."

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