Environmental Monitoring for the Internet of Things

Aug 28, 2020

Project update 8 of 15

Adding Full Arduino Support!

by Jon Luke

After several questions and much discussion, we are delighted to announce that we will now be publishing our step-by-step tutorials in both MicroPython and C/C++ (using Arduino IDE). We want to make it as easy as possible for you to develop EMIT code in your preferred programming language and IDE.

Forthcoming Tutorials

We have also finalized (and are busy writing) our initial list of tutorials, all of which will be ready by the time we ship your hardware!

  1. Getting Started - a tour of EMIT's hardware (as previewed in our last update)
  2. Setting up your IDE for EMIT - Thonny for MicroPython & Arduino for C/C++
  3. Measuring temperature and humidity with the AM2302 sensor
  4. Logging data to the MicroSD card
  5. Adding control - building a simple temperature/humidity controller
  6. Transmitting data over MQTT - including an introduction to the MQTT protocol
  7. Building a simple MQTT client (in Python) to receive and store data from EMIT
  8. Adding a web server to EMIT - building an internet connected thermostat
  9. Exploring EMIT's expansion connector – adding a Soil Moisture Sensor

With just six days left in our Crowd Supply campaign, we’d like to remind you that, if you want an EMIT, you should back us soon!

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