Environmental Monitoring for the Internet of Things

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ESP32-Based Dev Kit for IoT Applications

EMIT is an Internet of Things development kit for the popular ESP32. Design an outdoor weather station, an indoor thermostat, or an Internet-connected power relay. Or put EMIT to work as the brains of your smart greenhouse. Its ability to monitor and control temperature and humidity makes it perfect for any number of projects.

EMIT’s core environmental monitoring & control board includes the following:

  • An Integrated temperature and humidity sensor
  • A MicroSD socket
  • A 5 A SPST relay
  • An IO expansion socket

The full kit comes with everything you need to get started. In addition to the above, it includes:

  • A 30-pin ESP32 DEVKITv1 board
  • A vented, wall-mountable enclosure
  • An 8 MB MicroSD Card
  • A USB Cable

Software & Documentation

EMIT includes a step-by-step firmware development guide (for MicroPython), a free MQTT broker, a sample MQTT application client, written in Python, and an online support forum. Everything you need to hit the ground running as you develop your next IoT project!

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