Environmental Monitoring for the Internet of Things

Sep 14, 2020

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Components Are In & Voltage Is Down

by Jon Luke

It’s now been a week since our crowdfunding campaign was successfully completed, and we’ve wasted no time in getting the first production build underway.

All components have been ordered and delivered to our office here in North Wales, UK. They are now being checked and re-packed and will soon be on their way to our contract manufacturer in China.

After a tiny tweak (more details below), the final PCB design files have now been released to the PCB manufacturer, and production is scheduled to begin this week. So, one week in, we’re still on schedule to hit our delivery estimate!

Design Update - EMIT Validated Down to Six Volts

We’ve also been doing some testing lately, and we’ve validated that EMIT will work on power supplies down to six volts. (It was previously validated at seven volts.) I know what you’re thinking ("big deal"), but this change is actually quite useful as it means EMIT can be used with a wider variety of power supplies. It even opens up the possibility of using battery power (e.g. a six volt lead-acid battery) for smart-greenhouse applications.

We pushed this change to the PCB design files before sending them to the manufacturer, so all EMIT boards will ship with the full operating range of six to 12 volts.

More updates soon!

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