Environmental Monitoring for the Internet of Things

Aug 05, 2020

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LIVE Dashboard Released

After another busy week, we are delighted to release the EMIT ‘LIVE’ Dashboard, a full-featured, realtime environmental-monitoring dashboard for EMIT.

We’ve done the coding work and integrated the dashboard with MQTTHQ.com (our free public MQTT broker) so that anyone using or developing with EMIT can immediately test their work without having to write any test or application code.

There are some finishing touches we still plan to add (such as making the temperature units switchable between Centigrade and Fahrenheit), but if you’d like to have a look, there is now an EMIT in our office, and it’s streaming temperature, humidity, and relay status data every five seconds or so.

You can check it out at: https://controlbits.com/emit/live/

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