Environmental Monitoring for the Internet of Things

May 06, 2021

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Our MQTT Broker Just Got Its Own Web Client!

by Jon Luke

The MQTTHQ public MQTT broker has always been an important part of the EMIT IoT project, so we thought you’d like to know that we’ve just added an easy-to-use MQTT web client: https://MQTTHQ.com/client.

Now, when you connect your EMIT (or any other IoT device) to this broker, you can instantly subscribe and publish to your device’s topics without having to write or download any code!

The web client is pre-integrated with the broker and launches automatically when you visit the client’s web page. Full usage instructions are available on the web client page.

We hope you find this useful! Our aim is to support IoT developers by creating tools (hardware, software, and infrastructure) that help them get their projects up and running quickly. If you have any suggestions on how we can help you…we’d love to hear them!

Stay safe,

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