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Feb 01, 2024

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Our Campaign Is Live!

by Jacqueline L

Tangara is a cool, hackable, ESP32-powered music player that provides high-quality audio, long battery life, and a design that’s easy to customize, repair, and upgrade.

If you read our pre-launch page, you may be delighted to learn that Tangara has gotten even better since then! Standby battery life is now much longer, and we’ve rewritten our entire user interface in Lua scripts, for easier customization.

We’d love for you to give our campaign page a look and consider backing Tangara!

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Tangara is part of Microchip Get Launched

Key Components

ATSAMD21 · Microcontroller
This is a lovely little microcontroller that Tangara uses as a low-power co-processor for power management and USB interfacing.

AT42QT2120 · Touch Controller
Handles the "touchwheel," which is the primary way of interacting with Tangara.

MCP73871 · Battery Charger
Manages Tangara's built-in battery and protects both the battery and the rest of Tangara from faults.

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