Premium USB Armory Enclosure

Protect your USB Armory Mk I in style with this milled PaperStone and anodized aluminum enclosure.

Oct 06, 2015

Project update 2 of 2

Update: Rubber Bumper Included

Those of you who have already received your Premium Enclosure for the USB Armory might have noticed a small rubber bumper piece included in the package. This is provided just in case your USB Armory needs a slightly more snug fit within the enclosure.

On the inside of the enclosure near the bottom there is a small notch roughly the size of this rubber piece.  If your Armory seems loose within the enclosure, simply push this rubber piece into the notch. Next press the side of your Armory first into that side at an angle (securing the rubber piece) then press the Armory down into the enclosure. This will keep your Armory nice and snug.

There’s no need to use the rubber if your Armory natively fits!

We hope that you’re enjoying your Premium enclosure.

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