Premium USB Armory Enclosure

Protect your USB Armory Mk I in style with this milled PaperStone and anodized aluminum enclosure.

Sep 05, 2015

Project update 1 of 2

Campaign Funded & PaperStone Delivered

Thanks to all your support, the USB Armory Premium Enclosure has successfully funded! The enclosures can come to life.

As soon as the project reached its goal, the 5’ x 8’ PaperStone sheet was ordered. It took two and a half weeks to get to us, but it’s here and ready to be converted from one big slab into a hundred or so Armory enclosures. Kurt Mottweiler has coded the full scale production run on the CNC, and it’s set for a first test run.

We’re right on target for a September delivery!

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