CrypTech Alpha

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An open hardware security module developed by an independent, international coalition founded to create a trusted, open source, inexpensive, hardware cryptographic engine.

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Post-Berlin and Shipping

We’re long overdue for an update! First of all, thanks to all our backers for their support - open projects like CrypTech can’t succeed without grassroots support. It has been awhile since we premiered the alpha board at our Berlin workshop, where many of you picked up your orders in person. Here are some pics of the first batch.

The combination of the surprising (at least to us) number of people who purchasing the alpha board and the unexpectedly low yield of working boards from the manufacturer (about 70%) means we have had to order another run from the manufacturer. The next batch will be ready by mid-November and we expect all outstanding and new orders to ship by November 21. When your order ships, you will receive a shipping confirmation email from Crowd Supply containing a tracking number. If you need to update your shipping address, you can do so through your Crowd Supply account. We apologize for the delay!

Of course, we’re working with our manufacturer to track down the exact problem causing the low yield. We suspect it’s related to soldering of the FPGA (huge chip - lots of pins). Our manufacturer is busy X-raying the board to figure out how to fine-tune the production setup to increase the yield.

Meanwhile in software land the team is busy improving the firmware and we’ll cover that in more depth in future updates.

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Product Choices


Alpha Board

This open source hardware security module alpha board comes with the recent 3.0 release of the software, a power adapter and cord, and an aluminum enclosure.



A loose international collective of engineers trying to improve assurance and privacy on the Internet.

Rob Austein

Dragon Research

Steven Bellovin

Columbia University

Vasili Dolmatov

Moscow State University

Heather Flanagan

Spherical Cow Consulting

Leif Johansson

Lucy Lynch

Network Startup Resource Center

Ram Mohan


Linus Nordberg

Karen O'Donoghue

Internet Society

Phil Roberts

Diamond Key Security

Jakob Schlyter

Pavel Shatov

Moscow State Technical University

Joakim Strömbergson

Peter Stuge

Fredrik Thulin

ispik AB

Patrik Wallström

The Staff at Diamond Key Security



PCBA Manufacturer

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