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An independent international development effort founded to create a trusted, open source, inexpensive, hardware cryptographic engine.

Oct 23, 2018

Project update 2 of 2

Updated Version Now Available

Diamond Key Security™ (DKS) is pleased to offer the latest set of CrypTech boards through Crowd Supply. These CrypTech alpha boards have been upgraded since they were initially offered in the summer of of 2016. The CrypTech alpha boards we are now offering are the same hardware, but with significantly improved software. In particular, the alpha boards now come pre-installed with version 3.0 of the software, which includes some major improvements:

For more information on version 3.0 improvements, check out the blog post by Rob Austein of the CrypTech Project and the release notes posted on the CrypTech wiki.

The price for this set of boards is $1,250 per board. This is an increase in pricing from the previously released CrypTech boards and more accurately aligns with actual manufacturing and component costs.

In addition, Diamond Key Security offers a variety of professional services including training and extended support options. If you’re interested in professional services, please contact or visit the DKS website for additional details. Of course, donations to help support DKS (a not-for-profit corporation) and/or CrypTech are always welcome. If you’d like to further enable this effort, you can provide financial support by going to If you’d like to designate your contribution specifically to the CrypTech Project, please note this in the comments section when providing the contribution.

About Diamond Key Security (DKS)

Diamond Key Security™, based in Palatine, Illinois, was formed to productize solutions based-on CrypTech technology, bring these solutions to market, and provide product support and related services for these products. Based on these market initiatives, DKS will provide a path for long-term sustainability for the CrypTech project.

DKS was formed in March 2017 as a not-for-profit corporation described under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. Its educational, charitable, and scientific purposes include conducting scientific research in the development, enhancement, and deployment of transparent, auditable cryptographic technologies to help safeguard the Internet for the public good, educating the general public concerning cryptographic technology, facilitating initiatives to enhance the security and stability of the Internet, encouraging the effective use of cryptographic technologies in educational and other nonprofit organizations, and making reliable cryptographic security technologies widely available.

DKS’s initial activities involve research, study, and scientific experimentation related to the CrypTech open source cryptographic module. Specifically, its work researches the sustainability, development, and support of the CrypTech module for widely-available and inexpensive use among the general public through testing, evaluation, development of support, reference and developer support materials, and through the creation of viable hardware and software solutions that utilize this technology in under-served spaces, where such security technology is neither readily available nor currently affordable. DKS’s website is

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