A tap-to-read NFC tag that logs temperature and humidity

Sep 21, 2021

Project update 3 of 9

Introducing a new feature

by Malcolm Mackay

New Feature

To show our appreciation for the support we’ve received so far, we’ve got a hot new feature for you.

The sample interval and type can now be altered without leaving the web application:

This employs WebNFC, a recent addition to Chrome on Android. Hopefully other browsers will follow. If you do not use Android or Chrome, the previous method (pasting the configuration string into a third-party tag writer app) will still work. You can also write configuration strings through a serial port - documentation for this will follow in a future update.

Manufacturing Status

Our Chinese CEM has received all components required to assemble 250 cuplTag PCBAs. Our shipment of reels from the UK was released from customs on Thursday last week. The first 10 boards will be assembled first. We are currently awaiting a date for these to be shipped to us. 250 white enclosures have arrived with us in the UK.

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