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A tap-to-read NFC tag that logs temperature and humidity

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Documentation Improvements

by Malcolm Mackay

We have published documentation for cuplTag, which shows how to program the MSP430 and how to configure it with serial-port commands. This information is hosted in our GitHub repository.

The cuplTag documentation incldues a detailed guide on how to deploy your own web application. It is important to us that this web-based technology does not become overly centralized, which is why we made it open. Users should now have sufficient information to deploy an independent system of cuplTags.

More documentation will be added in the near future.

Manufacturing Status

Our CEM has informed us that assembly of the first 10 boards will commence next week!

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One cuplTag, factory configured to sample temperature and humidity at 10 minute intervals. Works with the cupldeploy platform. Requires a CR1220 battery (not included). Includes one 2x4-way 2.54 mm male header, one 1x2-way 2.54 mm male header, one 2-way 2.54 mm jumper, and printed instructions.


40 Jumper Wires - Female/Female

From the Crowd Supply Basics project.

A bundle of 40 multicolored, 7.8" (200 mm) long silicone-coated 24 AWG jumper wires with female terminations on each end. They are designed for use with standard pitch (.1", 2.54 mm) male headers.


TI MSP-EXP430FR2355 Dev Kit

From the Crowd Supply Basics project.

Includes the EZ-FET, a basic, low-cost MSP430 programming and debugging solution

An EVM for MSP430FRx FRAM development with onboard debug probe, Grove connector, and ambient light sensor.


MSP-FET Flash Emulation Tool

From the Crowd Supply Basics project.

A full-featured programmer, spy-bi-wire debugger, and usb-to-serial converter for the MSP430

Connects any MSP430 MCU to a computer via USB for real-time, in-system programming and debugging. Includes a 14-conductor cable for board communication and a USB cable. Manufactured by Texas Instruments.



cupl develops NFC environmental sensors.

Malcolm Mackay

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