makerPower Solar

by danjuliodesigns

An intelligent solar power system for the internet of things

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Thank You!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who supported this project! I’m excited to get the boards and accessories to you all.

Currently I have the expectation of being able to make the delivery deadlines. However there is one thing I am tracking that may be an issue and in the interest of full disclosure I’m sharing it now.

I pre-ordered parts for 250 boards and shipped them to the Contract Manufacturer (CM) in China during the campaign. They were in three boxes. Two of the boxes made it through Chinese customs to the CM. However one box is hung-up in customs. The CM is working to get it released but it represents a risk.

The backup plan, that I authorized today, is for the CM to rebuy parts from Mouser’s Chinese distribution to satisfy the initial build and then to use the parts held in customs, when they are released, for a subsequent build. The risk there, of course, is parts shortages and I should hear back from them within a week regarding that.

$10,246 raised

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Product Choices


makerPower Solar Board

One makerPower Solar Board. Comes with a spare fuse and a 6-pin header.


Wiring Kit

This wiring kit includes nine 20 cm female-female Dupont wires, two 20 cm battery wires, and a header to make the temperature sensor remote.


9 Ah Battery

From the Crowd Supply Basics project.

One 9 Ah battery.



I currently design embedded systems. In the past I designed ASICs for computer graphics systems and computer servers as well as ASIC verification software.

Dan Julio

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