Periscope Case

A 3D Printed smartphone case that allows you to take pictures from a 90 degree angle. Fastens to just about anything. Perfect for action photography.

Mar 16, 2018

Project update 5 of 9

Half Way!

Thank you to everyone that has jumped in this first week to get the campaign off the ground. The campaign is now approximately half way to our funding goal. While it’s a 6 week campaign, we would like to get going on the cases as soon as possible so those delivery dates can get pushed way up. That is why the Periscope Case has a relatively modest funding goal. Once it’s achieved, the team can get going on the cases that already have backers. So, if subscribers are on the fence because the campaign is only 1 week along, we’d like to offer some friendly encouragement to get your case ordered so we can deliver as soon as possible.

Available Phones | Email if you’d like to get your phone on the list

Samsung PhonesGoogle PhonesiPhone
Galaxy S7PixeliPhone 5/5s/SE
Galaxy S7 EdgePixel XLiPhone 6/6s
Galaxy S8Pixel 2iPhone 6/6s Plus
Galaxy S8 PlusPixel 2 XLiPhone 7
Galaxy Note 7iPhone 7 Plus
Galaxy Note 8iPhone 8
.iPhone 8 Plus

Gray or Black?
The cases can be 3D Printed in either matte gray or black. Both have identical physical properties. But as the gray is handled over time it develops accents around the creases and features of the case, somewhat similar to leather. While the black color stays consistent. We really like how the grey cases become more distinguished over time but would love some backer feedback.

Do you prefer the Periscope Case printed in black or matte grey? Email your preference:

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