Periscope Case

The Working Man's GoPro

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Periscope Case allows the use of your current cell phone for active photography. Hold, stand, or strap the phone at a convenient angle to capture images on the move.

The inspiration came when we tried to live stream the crawlspace inspection of a new house by strapping a smart phone to an RC Car. Getting it secured and at the right angle was impossible. A correctly angled mirror and some zip ties did the trick!

Defox is excited to have one of the first products designed to utilize the new Jet Fusion 3D Printer by HP. We’re asking backers to order, test, and provide feedback so we can apply the design to a huge portfolio of phones utilizing the flexibility of 3D Printing!


  • Slim, fits in your pocket
  • Storage for 2 mirrors in case (mirrors included)
  • No extra gear required, fasten using whats around the house
  • Connecting loops on sides and top of case
  • Everyday protective case when not in active use
  • Mirrors reflect camera image 90 degrees for both profile and landscape views
  • Designed with the DIY user in mind

Record your next adventure, using the camera you already have!

Strap it to your board

Navigate your ride

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