Periscope Case

A 3D Printed smartphone case that allows you to take pictures from a 90 degree angle. Fastens to just about anything. Perfect for action photography.

Feb 28, 2018

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Periscope Case Launch Date, Early Bird Special & Compatibility List

by Trevor Devos

Launching Next Week

We’re ready! The crowdfunding campaign for the Periscope Case is going to launch next week. We’d like to take a moment to share a few details and specials surrounding the launch for our email subscribers.

  1. Launch Dates: We will do a soft launch just for email subscribers on Tuesday, March 6th. Followed by public launch on Wednesday, March 7th.
  2. Early Bird Discount: 20% off Periscope Case for email subscribers during soft launch.
  3. Compatibility List: Initial list of compatible phones and roadmap.
  4. Backer Levels: Overview of what the backer levels will look like, including an option for a custom branded case.
  5. Thank you Crowd Supply for helping pull together an informative video!

Launch Dates & Early Bird Special

To show our appreciation to our early email subscribers, there will be a “soft launch” next Tuesday, March 6th. For 24 hours you can order a Periscope Case with a 20% early bird discount. It will only be announced to the subscriber list and will have no quantity limit for 24 hours to ensure everyone on our email list can get in. The public launch and announcement will follow on Wednesday, March 7th. If you happen to miss the special on Tuesday there will be a limited quantity available to everyone starting Wednesday, but don’t risk it.

Initial Compatibility List

Below is the initial list of compatible phones that can be ordered at the start of the campaign. If the campaign is getting some traction that list will grow as we go. We would obviously love to expand this list beyond the major brands as soon as possible. If you do not see your phone listed, please take this opportunity to send us what phone you would like to use with the Periscope Case. We will do what we can to get it on the list either before the campaign launches or shortly after launch day. Email:

Samsung PhonesGoogle PhonesiPhone
Galaxy S7PixeliPhone 6/6s
Galaxy S7 EdgePixel XLiPhone 6/6s Plus
Galaxy S8Pixel 2iPhone 7
Galaxy S8 PlusPixel 2 XLiPhone 7 Plus
Galaxy Note 7iPhone 8
Galaxy Note 8iPhone 8 Plus

Backer Levels

Backers can pre-order their Periscope Case for their specific phone during the campaign. Cases will be \$35 regular price, and \$28 during the early bird special. We worked very hard with our 3D Printing manufacturer to get our cost of goods down the last few weeks to be able to offer the case at an attractive price point. All the cases ordered during the campaign will be feature a special thank you engraved on the inside of the case. For those that want a more personalized option, there will be an option to order a custom branded case. Vector images, logos, or text. Below is an example of a case we made for our partner, OpenFab.

Campaign Video

We wrapped up the campaign video last week and are excited to show it to the community. It is a helpful tool to quickly communicating the Periscope Case’s benefits. We’d like to give a thank you to Crowd Supply for helping us put this together.

We want to hear from you. Please send all feedback, questions, and additional phone requests to See you next week!

Trevor deVos

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