An open source, physically secure personal computer.

Nov 04, 2017

Project update 23 of 23

Production, Shipping, and FAQs!

Most of you all are aware that we shipped all the units to initial backers a couple weeks ago. For the rest of you, we are finally there now, too! We started mailing PIN Mailers at the beginning of this week. Some of you will already have them. You will need these to activate your units and to verify they are in the same state as they left our facilities, so hold on to them! The units themselves left our office in Taipei last night via FedEx, and you can expect to see yours early next week.

First Up: Plug It In!

We include a “Getting Started” sheet inside the box, which will direct you to hello.orwl.org for initial setup instructions. One thing to be aware of is that there is a rechargeable battery inside your ORWL which keeps the security subsystem alive. It will stay charged for a few months without external power, but it will eventually discharge if you don’t plug your ORWL in. The result of a fully discharged back-up battery is a tamper event, the same as what happens if somebody tries to cut or drill into your unit. Such a tamper event will render your ORWL inoperable, so don’t leave it unplugged for long periods of time! Your keyfobs will also need to be charged regularly in order to function, but a flat keyfob battery does not cause any sort of security event. If your keyfob stops functioning simply recharge it.

Second FAQ Item: How to Pair Your Second Keyfob

The Out-of-Box experience for ORWL walks you through entry of your shipping PIN, creating and confirming your own PIN, verifying the hash displayed on the ORWL OLED matches what you received in your mailer, and initial keyfob association for your first keyfob. To associate the second keyfob, we have also included detailed instructions in our online FAQ. You will need to enter your BIOS Setup to accomplish this. The exact steps vary by operating system, so best to check out the instructions on our site!

And Finally…

We are just tidying up our wiki to get it back online after it was dropped in the shuffle of changing hosts. Keep an eye out for that in the coming week or two.

Thanks very much again! Please reach out to share your experiences with your new ORWL!

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