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Orders are Now Shipping

Hello Backers!

In our last update I mentioned that the OpenLogger hardware was on it’s way to Crowd Supply. It has now arrived and orders will start shipping this week. If you’re curious if your order has shipped or want to check on its status you can log in to your Crowd Supply account and view the order and tracking information there.

In the world of firmware and software we are continuing to work on logging to SD, and testing streaming to WaveForms Live. We ran an OpenLogger streaming to WaveForms Live over the weekend as a test. We ran 2 channels at 250 kS/s and displayed the data to the UI.

On Monday morning the UI and OpenLogger was still running! Over the weekend the OpenLogger took 59 Billion samples. For reference, if we had logged that data to a 32 GB SD card which can hold about 17 Billion samples it would have filled seven 32 GB SD cards. This highlights a great benefit of having the capability of logging to the UI or logging to an SD card.

We really appreciate all of our backers patience and support, and please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

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Product Choices


OpenLogger with Screw Terminal Adapter

This package includes one OpenLogger, one micro USB cable, one set of female terminated flywires, and one Screw Terminal Adapter.


OpenLogger Deluxe Kit

This package includes one OpenLogger, one micro USB cable, one set of female terminated flywires, one Screw Terminal Adapter, one 8 GB microSD card, and one Project box


Acrylic Case

An acrylic case for your OpenLogger



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