OpenLogger: Wi-Fi Enabled Data Logger

Stream and log data with the first high resolution, open source, portable data logger.

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OpenLogger is an open source, low-cost, data logging platform. With the option of Wi-Fi or USB connectivity and microSD card storage, you can remotely monitor data in real-time or store data files for later collection and analysis. The hardware connects to a mobile browser-based application software interface, Waveforms Live. This software is free of charge and open source.

The hardware and software combination provides the following: 8 data logging channels, 8 digital inputs and outputs, two power supplies, and one analog output.

OpenLogger is designed for electronics and data collection enthusiasts wishing for an experience with constraints of high resolution, a wireless connection, open source software, and a low-cost AND user-friendly experience.

Key Features

  • Data Logging is available to a µSD card
  • Streaming via WiFi or USB to
  • Eight analog data logging channels, with 16-bit resolution
  • Sampling rates up to 400 kS/s and as slow as one sample every 11.5 days
  • One analog output capable of function generation
  • Eight Digital Inputs and Outputs
  • Two 4V Power Supplies
  • Barrel jack connector for providing external power
  • Easy to use browser-based user interface and available API

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