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ReactLED Panels

Modular, interactive LED panels with built-in sensors

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Introducing ReactLED, a modular LED platform designed for versatility. Each panel features a 4x4 array of RGB LEDs, coupled with proximity sensors that respond to nearby objects. The panels can be easily daisy-chained to create synchronized displays, offering flexibility for various applications.

With the inclusion of an SPI port, control an array of panels or gather IR readings effortlessly. ReactLED is a responsive LED solution, perfect for adding dynamic lighting to your projects, creating immersive displays, and bringing a new level of interactivity to your space.

Dazzling Possibilities

ReactLED’s versatility shines in its diverse use cases. Picture interactive table displays, where ordinary tables become dynamic surfaces, responding to gestures and creating an engaging user experience.

In the realm of innovative signage, ReactLED captivates with eye-catching displays that can be programmed to showcase information or react to passersby. An array of ReactLED panels can synchronize to play games with the proximity sensors as input.

Features & Specifications

Each ReactLED panel consists of 16 responsive LED nodes. The nodes are responsive up to 10 in away and even more with reflective material. The panels can be arrayed and become one coordinated display. For external control there is an SPI port.

Open Source

We designed ReactLED panels to be open hardware. Once our design is final, and the campaign is over, we will release the schematic, layout, BOM, and firmware for everyone to access on our GitHub.

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