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A low-power, easy-to-program, open-hardware e-paper display with Wi-Fi support and a 9.7" screen

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Inkplate 10 Arduino library published

by David Z

Hello all,

Full Inkplate 10 support has now been added to our Inkplate Arduino library. Release 2.1.0. is now available. It is also available via Arduino library manager.

What’s Inside?

The Arduino library for Inkplate is the easiest way to get started with your new Inkplate 10. It provides support for drawing any shape using the Adafruit GFX library: lines, triangles, rectangles, circles, etc. It supports .bmp, .jpg or .png format images from a URL or SD card, all with an option for dithering for higher quality images. If you head to our examples folder, you will find a number of resources:

  • Basic Inkplate functionality - BW, standing for Black&White, mode gives you all the control you need to do anything with your screen, such as drawing or writing text in only black. Gray enables the same in grayscale mode. Finally, partial update examples show you how to update just parts of your screen without flickering.
  • Advanced Inkplate functionality - you can find advanced features here, such as: using touch pads, low power mode, utilizing the MCP23017 GPIO pins, reading pictures or files from SD card, acting as an HTTP server, connecting to WiFi and making HTTP requests, measuring battery voltage or temperature and so on.
  • Projects - an interesting collection of different, already finished projects, such as: weather report, Google calendar, crypto tracker, etc.
  • Other - contains useful utilites, such as display cleaner or peripheral mode source code.

Peripheral Mode

Peripheral mode is still on - if you don’t like Arduino or you’re used to another platform, you can control Inkplate from just about anywhere using UART commands at standard settings (baud 115200 ending with \n\r). Detailed documentation is available.

Campaign Ending Soon

There’s more to come, such as an Image Converter to make converting any kind of image for Inkplate super-easy, as well as GUI builder support. As the campaign is ending, make sure to let your colleagues interested in e-paper about it before time runs out. Stay tuned and thanks for your support!

David & the Inkplate team

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Product Choices


Inkplate 10

One Inkplate 10, fully assembled and ready for use. Build your own custom enclosure or 3D print our open source design, which will be published before Inkplate 10 ships to backers


Inkplate 10 With a 3D-Printed Enclosure

One Inkplate 10, fully assembled and ready for use, inside a black 3D-printed enclosure that permits the use of all three capacitive touch pads.


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