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Versatile, easy-to-use, Wi-Fi-enabled 5.8" e-paper COLOR display

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Feb 03, 2022

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Our Campaign is Now Live on Crowd Supply!

by David Z

Ever since we released our first Inkplate board, we’ve been thinking how cool it would be to add some colors to it. Judging by the number of messages we’ve gotten over the years, you’ve felt the same way. We’re proud to announce that Inkplate 6 and Inkplate 6PLUS are getting a new colorful sibling - our crowdfunding campaign for Inkplate 6COLOR is officially live!

Inkplate 6COLOR is a versatile, energy-efficient, Wi-Fi enabled ESP32 board with a recycled 5.8-inch e-paper display that features seven colors and three touchpads. It is easy to use and comes with well-written documentation. Being a part of the Inkplate family, you can program Inkplate 6COLOR with the Arduino IDE or MicroPython. I mean, check this beauty out:

Hand holding an Inkplate 6COLOR

As some of you might have noticed, we love working with e-paper displays. We’ve learned a lot when working with our previous Inkplates, and adding the colors did come with some challenges, which we have worked dilligently to ensure that the Inkplate 6COLOR is easy to work with. Here’s a fun fact about this particular Inkplate. One of our developers came up with the solution for a problem we’ve had when creating this product literally in his sleep. Yeah, we love e-paper so much we even have dreams about it! Another challenge we’ve faced was getting the displays we needed due to the whole COVID-19 situation. We’ve overcome these challenges, got everything sorted out, and are ready to share the newest Inkplate with you!

We hope you’re as excited for Inkplate 6COLOR as much as we are! If a feature you were hoping for didn’t make the cut, no need to worry! We’re constantly tinkering with Inkplate ideas and have a lot cool features planned in the future. We’ll talk more about these upcoming features when the time comes. :) For now, let’s make the grayscale world of e-paper a little more colorful!

Thank you all for the continued support, we really appreciate it!

-David & the team

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