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Apr 04, 2019

Project update 5 of 6

Ending Soon and Demos

Since the last update we have successfully passed the magic number of $4.500,00 and have been successfully funded! We thank everyone for their support, pledge & mention to a friend. Now, we are preparing a super-manufacture-run to make all of these!

Please note, after the campaign ends, the price will slightly change. Each of the products will increase their price by \$5 or \$6:

Displays will still be available for order via

Now let’s see some interesting stuff that can be done with the display. You have seen some examples of projects on main campaign page and in the video.

During the campaign, we sent Maker Displays to some Instagram Makers. Paul_3d_things, an engineer from Germany, used three of these displays which show bouncing balls on three of them! There is a javascript on a server in the background that does all the logic. Find the video here and the source code here.

Okay, what about this one? Active RSII (WiFi strength) meter! The code here and the video here.

We are absolutely sure that we will see many inspiring projects after our backers receive their Maker Displays!

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